Prop Building

My shows feature well-made, specially designed props, made in my own workshop. I can supply copies of many of my props to order, and will undertake the design, development and manufacture of props for other show presenters.

Because I present shows as well as making props I understand the needs of other presenters for reliable, robust, easy to transport props that need the minimum of assembly on site and which combine maximum impact with safety of operation.

The props on this page are a small selection of the stuff I've made over the years. Some are my standard designs, others are one-offs for clients.

If you'd like to talk about having some props made, contact me to discuss your requirements.

Here's my take on the leaf-blower hovercraft. It uses a proper air-ducting system (no holes in the skirt), has a formica finish to the platform and an internal rubber bumper to protect the furniture and spectator's ankles. The fins add a touch of class...

Image: Hero's Turbine prop Image: Fire Tornado prop
Image: Giant Sextant Prop
Image: Anchor Escapement Model

Props by L M Interactive

Clockwise from top left:

Hero's Turbine, The Amazing Fire Tornado, Giant Clock Escapement Giant Sextant.

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Image: Giant Sextant Prop Image: Anchor Escapement Model