I make replicas of early scientific instruments. To date I have produced replicas of Galileo's telescope and a Van Leeuwenhoek microscope.

These are both working instruments, and are constructed using authentic techniques, although modern materials and components, such as adhesives, lenses and screw threads are used where appropriate. This ensures that the replicas work at least as well as the originals, and give an authentic user experience without the possibilty of confusing the replica with an original.

I am always interested in making other replicas, particularly of C17 and C18 optical instruments.

If you'd like to talk about having replicas made, contact me to discuss your requirements.

Image:Leeuwenhoek Microscope Replica

Working replica of a Seventeenth Century brass simple (single lens) microscope, of the kind developed and used by Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.

Length approx 75 mm, Lens 2 mm dia glass ball, magnification ca x150. Brass with copper rivets and soda-lime glass ball lens.

Image: Galileo Telescope Replica

Working replica of a Telescope as made by Galileo, Ca 1610 AD. This instrument uses modern commercial grade lenses, and has a power of 14x, the same as the telescope Galileo used to discover Jupiter's Moons. The built-up tube construction is authentic.

The mounting is conjectural, but uses no techniques that would have been unfamiliar to Galileo and his instrument makers. A rigid mounting, with slow motion control is required because of the very small field of view of this telescope.

Image: Galileo Telescope Replica (detail)